How to refer - Urogynaecology and General Gynaecology Patients

Dr Gould accepts referrals from both GPs and Specialists. A Specialist referral is only valid for a three month period and should the woman require ongoing care, we will seek a referral from her regular GP after that time.

Dr Gould sees urogynaecology and general gynaecology patients in both the main Malvern rooms and in the Parkville rooms. Invasive testing such as Urodynamics, Cystoscopy, Endo-anal Ultrasound and Ano-rectal manometry are performed at the Parkville site.

Referrals for both Malvern and Parkville can be given to the patient either electronically or in paper form. Alternatively they can be posted, faxed or emailed by you to our main rooms in Malvern.

If referrals have been sent direcly to us, our practice mangager Lily, will then contact your patient and arrange a time for her to be seen. Alteratively, you patient is welcome to call us and arange a time that suits them. 

Malvern Address for all correspondance:
339 Glenferrie Road
Malvern, 3144

Call (03) 9017 3159
Fax (03) 9017 5469


How to refer - Vulvar Disorders Clinic St Kilda

.Dr Gould collaborates with Dr Alice Rudd - Dermatologist to assess and manage patients with vulval conditions. These patients are seen in Dr Rudd's Skindepth St Kilda East rooms once per month. If you have a patient who requires vulval Clinic review, please refer directly to the Skindepth clinic as this service is run by the Skindepth team..  

Vulval Clinic Patients Only:
Skindepth Dermatology
1 Balaclava Road
St Kilda East, VIC 3183

Call (03) 9527 4209
Fax (03) 8672 7606


Dr Gould provides both specialist Urogynaecology and General Gynaecology services. The list below outlines many of the conditions that Dr Gould commonly manages. Dr Gould has consulting rights at the maternity hospitals of Epworth Freemasons and Frances Perry House. She will provide postnatal services if needed to women with voiding or perineal concerns post-partum who are inpatients at these hospitals. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or with queries regarding the services provided by Dr Gould.


General gynaecology

Please note; Dr Gould does not accept referrals for women who require coloposcopy for assessment of abnormal PAP smears.

Education for health practitioners

Dr Felicity Gould is a regular facilitator at a a wide variety of educational sessions. Many of these meetings are hands on interactive training to optimise your learning time. Session range from scientific such as the Annual meetings of the International Urogynaecology Association (IUGA) and Urogynaecology Association of Australasia (UGSA) to more local eduction such as the RWH renown Perineal Masterclass for our local midwives, physiotherapists and doctors. See our upcoming workshops tab for more information on future workshops that you may be interested in..