Urodynamics is a series of tests that evaluate the function of the bladder. Urodynamics are conducted in an outpatient setting with the patient awake. These tests are a day procedure and commonly take around about 45minutes in total.

Features of bladder function that are tested include the ability of the bladder to store urine (storage phase) and the ability of the bladder to empty urine completely (Voiding phase). Urodynamics tests can give significant amounts of information about individual aspects of bladder function including the strength and compliance of the bladder (detrusor Muscle), function of the urethral sphincter, Obstruction of the bladder outlet and the presence of detrusor overactivity.

Urodynamic testing is often accompanied by an outpatient cystoscopy which is performed following the urodynamic testing. 

If you are scheduled for Urodynamics testing, Dr Gould will give you further information regarding how to prepare for your test. All patients who undergo Urodynamic testing are seen by Dr Gould for a consultation on the day directly afterward their Urodynamics. 

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